Keeping It Real Television Show


In an era of plastic perfection, fancy facades, pretty boys, and prissy girls, Rick and Sherri Martin present biblical truths in a way that is approachable and real. They show how being a Christian simply means to be perfectly imperfect because no one can truly measure up to the illusion of perfection  being seen today through social media, TV, so on and so forth.  Rick and Sherri felt the call of God to create a program where people can see the raw reality of living out God’s truths.  They demonstrate how these truths are to be applied in a person’s everyday life, and they do so in a way that portrays how these principles can be attainable by all, rather than just a few.    


What do you have?


Skilled in the Word


Royal Priesthood


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Answering the call


Submit to God


Renewing the Mind


Be Holy


Chosen Generation


The Christian Call






Few are Chosen


Many are Called


A Divided Church in a Twisted World by Sherri Martin

The church body is supposed to be, and is alluded to in Scripture, the bride of Christ. Yet with all the disjointed positions and people, coupled with the great gulf of division within her, she looks more like the bride of Frankenstein. That, my friends, is not the bride Jesus is coming back for. Rather, He is coming back for a unified one.